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Compounds and magnetic rubber compounds

The compound production department has recently been expanded with new generation plants, increasing production capability by 30%. The new technology allows our technicians to monitor and manage in real time every phase of the production cycle on 100% of the compound produced. The laboratory provides to co-ordinate and carry out quality checks on tests carried out in the department and in the laboratory, guaranteeing safe and certified products.

ME 10

Magnetic properties*:
  • Br 1.782 kG
  • HcB 1.330 kOe
  • HcJ 2.180 kOe
  • Bh max 0.52 MG Oe

USES: the product typically used for the production of magnets for refrigerator gaskets, shower boxes and for any type of co-extrusion in general.

ME 12

Magnetic properties*:
  • Br 1.770 kG
  • HcB 1.266 kOe
  • HcJ 2.206 kOe
  • Bh max 0.51 MG Oe

USES: SOFT formulation designed to obtain a lower value of Shore and obtain more flexible magnets. Recommended for the production of magnets greater than 20 mm, and for those with more complex geometries.

MC 8

Magnetic properties*:
  • Br 1.899 kG
  • HcB 1.281 kOe
  • HcJ 1.977 kOe
  • Bh max 0.850 MG Oe

USES: all those applications where it is necessary to increase the magnetic force. Depending on the type of magnet and the type of magnetization, an increase in magnetic strength generally between 10% and 25% can be achieved.


Magnetic properties*:
  • Br 2.500 - 2.700 G
  • HcB 2.200 - 2.400 Oe
  • HcJ 2.500 - 2.900 Oe
  • Bh max 1.42 - 1.80 MG Oe

USES: used exclusively in the production of calandered permanent magnets.
*The values shown are purely indicative, subject to variations and not binding. MAGNETOPLAST reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice..